Earth Structures –Earth Embankments, Retaining Walls, Shoring

GeoPacific is involved in the design of earth structures on a routine basis. Our wall designs include geogrid reinforced, modular counterfort, masonry block walls, and permanent shotcrete and anchor walls.  Our earth embankments include small earth dams, berms and ponds. Our shoring designs can include the use of shotcrete, anchors, and underpinning of adjacent buildings.

Featured Projects:

  • GeoPacific has developed design manuals for Northern StressWall counterfort retaining walls and Lock and Load retaining wall systems in North America. 
  • We have completed numerous Allan Block, Keystone Block, DeltaLok, Lock-Block, Pisa Block, and Sierra Slope walls throughout the Lower Mainland.
  • Brentwood Gate Keystone Wall, Burnaby, B.C. – 11 metres tall, 4 tiered wall consisting of three upper tiers of Keystone blocks with a lower tier of reinforced concrete supported by permanent soil anchor.
  • Provincial Record Keystone Wall, White Rock, BC – The proposed wall will be up to 17 metres tall at a private residence resulting in an extension of the developable portion of the property.
  • 12m Highland Springs Wall, Delta BC.
  • 9m temporary Sierra Slope wall, Port Mann Bridge, West Segment, Coquitlam, BC.